Wednesday, August 30

Who is to be blamed for Iraq?

I am writing this post as I am reading the news on BBC and listening to NPR's Diane Reem show (9-10PM) about Iraq. It is really disheartening that yet another mass of people were killed today, a total of about 45,000 Iraqis have been . I can't believe that the politicians here in the US still dont want to take any blame for this mess. They even claim that the country is progressing in the right direction. What right direction with at least 10 people dying every day, with people being forced to flee from their houses, with innocent children left with no history about their country other than an ugly movement of so-called democracy!!!! The Shias and the Sunnis (there might have been differences) were living in peace harmony for years now, then how did all this happen? What kept these strifes under control? Saddam's regime may have been bad but is it any good now? I feel deeply for the Iraqis and wish I could do anything about it!!
Hope they keep their spirits high and pull it all back together. I also wish that the killing in the name of religion(s) would come to an end . Will my wishes come true?

PS: Here is an article that sort of summarizes the history of conflict but beware its about "bringing the troops back home"-The ongoing civil conflict in Iraq can only be resolved when the U.S.-led occupation is given a definitive end date.

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