Saturday, June 9

7 am arivu- makes me feel like a genius!

read as ஏழாம் அறிவு (seventh sense)- a movie by people with absolutely no sense/arivu.

We watched it simply because we were told that it was a decent movie, better than many of the recent times. But everything about that movie made me cringe in my own skin- the actors (Surya and the female history-genetics-public health- know it all PhD student whose name I don't care to know!), their acting, the screenplay, the plot, the songs- everything!

A misguided sense of regionalism/, misrepresented scientific facts...tch tch tch. Was it meant to be a sci-fi or was it meant as a Tamil propaganda film? Pick one people- do not confuse the two and hope that the audience would be fooled. For all the grandiose Tamil psenti they put- the female-know it all PhD student whose name I don't care to know could not even speak a word without some sort of a strange accent.

Serioulsy these movie makers think that we are stupid and we will pay real good hard earned money to watch such s*!# in a movie theater. Well we are not that stupid, or are we?

They did not even pretend to make an effort to know what the hell they were talking about in the first place- the female whose name I don't care to know could actually see the 3-d helical structure of DNA under a really low power microscope! Yeah she would make a credible geneticist- lets send her to Mars- may be she could make a few of her own clones and stay there FOREVER! Possibly even take Surya, the producer, the director and most importantly the screen play writer (or who ever wrote the damn story) with her!

PS In defense of tamil movies, we did watch two movies that were not so bad afterall- Azhagarsamiyin Kuthirai (Azhagarsami's horse) and Kadhalil sodhapuvadhu eppadi (how to mess up in love)