Tuesday, January 16

Each maid a heroine, each man a friend!

We were crazy. We were young. Silly was the new normal! You could do just about any silly thing and get away with it. We had friends- they meant something. You could never imagine a life without these friends- who were they, where did they come from, what did they do, were they 10 pointers...none of it mattered. There was a promise that was made in our minds, a promise to be together for as long as time exists, a promise never to part. Life was as beautiful as it can get.

Skipping classes and paying a visit to the IC (Insti Cafetaria) or Sky (pappu da chai!) was normal. Rambling about ShivG to look for "love birds" -a topic for dinner table gossip was also perfectly normal. Those quite moments at the Saraswati mandir or the rush to reserve seats for friends at our Sunday breakfast were normal too.

Riding all the way to C'not the day before exams for a delicious glass of bluemoon butterscotch milkshake or butter masala dosa from Annapurna was being trendy in its own way..None of what we ever did seemed like a "waste of time".

I guess this quote sums it all up
How beautiful is youth! how bright it gleams with its illusions, aspirations, dreams! Book of Beginnings, Story without End, Each maid a heroine, and each man a friend!
(Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)
Don't lose that child in you - that edgy, trendy, beautiful and strong youth in you!!

Vincent Van Gogh says- Its a pity that, as one gradually gains experiences, one loses one's youth.
Don't let that happen to you...

PS This is not the end of this post...its my favourite topic and you can surely expect more!

Sunday, January 14

Pongalo pongal

Pongal nalvazhthukkal makkale!!
Thai porantha vazhi porakkumnnu kavizhar kannadasan sollittu poyitarungo...(The month between Jan15th and Feb 15th is called thai madham and its that special month of harvest) Its an important festival to remind us all to thank the Mother Nature for all the food we get from her and also the farmers who strive hard to put that plate of food on our tables. Traditionally its a 3-day festival- with first day called bogi pandigai (old things pave way to newer things, so we burn old things early in the morning and announce that proudly by beating the drums "molam"). The second day - big day called pongal thirunal- a day to pray and offer our thanks to all the entities of Mother Nature. And of course the famous- mattu pongal or kaanum pongal.

Sunday, January 7

Do you still believe that global warming is a myth?

I am surprised that there are still people out there who say "global warming is a non-existent, inconsequential thing". The past 4 or 5 years that I have been here in the US, I have seen a steady increase in the temperatures during winter (the first year being the coldest). It was at 72C here in greenbelt on Saturday people!!!! This is January- where did all the 30s odd temperatures, with wind chills that could keep you at home forever, vanish? Oh what will happen to those wonderful bulbous plants that need at least a short period of freezing temperatures?! It is going to be really interesting to see whats in store for us as we get older.

Monday, January 1


Happy New Year people!
May this New year bring you all that you had ever wanted. Let us all make an effort to make this beautiful place a better place for us and every single living being on this planet..
So long 2006!!!