Wednesday, March 5


Hold on...I am not graduating....well at least not yet. Finally my/ our paper has been accepted.
It is a suspense as to where it got through but I can assure you- its big ladies and gentleman (please people don't spoil the surprise and crse others can take guesses)!!!
But you know what, there is hardly any excitement left in me, may be because I am tired and it just took too long, too many people and too much of work (most of which first ended up in supplementary section during the first review process and then removed altogether from the paper after the 2nd review!). It was very funny, here I was thinking I could relax a little, but the reverie was spoilt when my boss comes to me the next day and goes "so- any-data-for-me".
Anyway am back to work, well it never stopped actually.

PS Next time I give this title, I probably means that I have either graduated or just left the country