Monday, September 11

9/11- history made before our eyes

9/11 is one of the days which will go down in the dark history of wars and deaths. The fact that someone could be so heartless to just ram a plane full of people into a building buzzing with activities, is definitely heart breaking. Terrorism has not been new to people in India, considering the countless people killed everyday in Kashmir and other states,but it was probably unheard of amidst the westerners (especially Americans). That said, 9/11 was a big blow not just to Americans but to the entire world- the extent to which "terrorists" can go is alarming and quite disconcerting. They can not only die but mercilessly kill thousands for their so-called ideologies!
9/11 revealed the best in people- they stood up for each other. Apparently the firemen were just a few blocks away working on something when the first plane hit the tower. They could not have done anything but watch the towers collapse because of the enormity of the attack- fire and thereby heat, shards of metal structures being spewed out and the suddeness of it (everyone was caught unawares). Even then there were quite a few people who got in to save the lives of others. Kudos to them.
The WTC just collapsed within an hour of the attack- the tower, that was tall enough to be the symbol of strength just relented to human qualms. Such structures give us the power and inspiration we need when we look at them in awe. When they go down they take with them that strength and leave us crippled.
It happens everyday (just not the scale of 9/11), let us be aware of it and try our best to stop it while we can.

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