Monday, February 27

Onward we march

Our next stop along with a lovely couple from Cambridge, MA: Moab, Utah

We stayed at the quaint Red Cliffs Lodge- I mean it was right by the Colorado river and with all the snow that was melting, it was quite a dirty sight (literally the river was all muddy and brown; bringing down all that it could on its way!). We spent two days at this lodge.

We have been to arches before but it such a huge park- we clearly had not seen everything and if you have not already- you must definitely visit the fragile landscape arch.

As much as I hate heights- the canyoneering experience totally rocked!

This is where the nice couple had to return to work, while we still had a long way to go- oh did I mention- our final destination was San Diego.
If you are the kind that likes rugged individuals in cowboy hats and boots that say little but shoot a have then definitely seen "the monument valley"- home to a lot of western movies!

Well, that was our last stop in the Utah-Arizona border.  But we are not in San Diego yet, are we?

Sunday, February 12

Where have I been?


It is going to be almost an year since my last post- since June 2011 it has been a roller coaster ride with many trips culminating in Houston, Texas. We bid Cambridge, MA an adieu, packed our bags and left for our first stop (well, my first stop)- Boulder, CO by air.


A visit with a dear friend was something I definitely needed after a hectic month of packing, entertaining, and saying goodbyes. I love Boulder- a quaint little city surrounded my snow-top mountains. Nothing gets more idyllic than this, does it?

I even managed to spend a day in Denver- a trip to the Botanical garden and then of course some shopping.

My next stop was Colorado Springs- to join the wise guy who was attending his big annual conference. I got to literally not do anything or even think about anything remotely useful- complete mindlessness. Between sessions at the conference- the wise guy was nice enough to hang out with me.  We paid a visit to the Garden of Gods, and Pikes Peak (apparently one of the 53 14ers in Colorado- from my trusted source), no we did not hike up the mountain- we took a train ride up top with a bunch of friends. And of course there is always food to talk about (but I will probably resist it just because I cannot seem to remember much about the details!). The conference ended with a group lunch at Giuseppe's Old Depot Restaurant (of course the wise guy's group).

Now now- you thought the trip ended there didn't you? There is more- and I promise I will post more photos real soon. Till then sayonara folks