Thursday, April 25


I toss and turn. I turn the fan on and 5 minutes later I turn it off. I quickly notice a stream of tears. I close my eyes.

I see her limpless, lifeless body on a puddle of blood. I am crying and screaming, while people stand around me and watch on.

I delve deeper and strain harder  to understand the events that transpired. The explanation remains elusive, it has been for the last, soon to be 13 years.

I am in and out of consciousness on a hospital bed. Everyone I dearly love in a state of shock, frantically looking for answers.

I remained numb, that day in the hospital and the day I was told that she was gone, she did not make it. The cheerful one, the kind one, the fighter who made through several other death traps decided to quit, decided to give up.

She would have been 30 today- Happy Birthday ma petite soeur douce.

Tuesday, April 9

A trip to Caddo lake

With our friends visiting from Boston, we decided it was time to take a trip to the Caddo Lake state park (about 4 hr drive from Houston).

The best way to get around the park is probably by a boat and so we did- well we tried. When everyone else was scurrying towards the marina, our boat driver said "oh the storm is coming from this direction, lets go the other way" and so did with a three year old in tow! 
You see those thick dark clouds, they made it our way rather quickly. Heavy downpour, lightning strikes, thunder, a frightened 3 yr old and an even more scared mum and dad- those 5 minutes of boat ride were....well..." IT WAS A RAINING BOAT" she said!
The amazing thing though, to me, was how quickly the little one recovered from this little adventure boat ride and as soon as the sun was out she said "could we go on the boat" :)

Look at those bald cypress trees with spanish moss growing on them- kind of eerie...

Wednesday, April 3

Few more books

For the color coded challenge- finished Mundy's Ivory trail

My impressions: For about 50-75 pages into the book, I was unsure as to
whether I would ever finish this book "white" ivory hunters. With such flowery words and description of the wide variety of geographical locations (mostly deep into the African continent) and the people of different lands, it was really hard to follow. And then, it happened, I could not put the book down- it had a certain pace to it and reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean. Mundy takes us on this adventure and does it so eloquently. I was thoroughly impressed.
Do keep in mind that this book was published in 1919.

I also read- Immortals of Meluha (the first book of the Shiva trilogy)
It is a fast paced book and I did finish it but seemed to lack originality and I did not like it that much. There were hints of few other books I have read, some Bollywood movies I have seen. The book is about the ascent of Shiva from being a simple Tibetan tribal chief to Neelkanth (the one with blue throat), saviour of Meluha.
It is one of those books that is just alright.