Monday, April 14

One world, one language

As a lover of languages, such articles always make me fret a bit. Not that I don't understand the importance of learning English, after all it is soon to become the ONLY language (even with a billion + population each of China and India). But my only wish is to not see such a thing happen in my lifetime! I take pride in the fact that Indians are very multilingual- we somehow do not even realize this fact, most of us can speak at least 3 different languages including English. Isn't that quite a feat?
So why do I think trying to do our bit in saving the languages from totally dying out is important? Quite simple really- I consider English to be a language of stinginess- alphabets have been stripped down to bare minimum. English lacks the bounty of some of the other languages. Well, I can only imagine that it would not be too long before we start using Newspeak as the "world official langauge". We can see it heading there, can we not? What with A and Es being replaced by whatever?!!
So folks go on learn as much languages as possible and don't forget your own native tongue!!

Thats it 4 2nite, BCNU soon

PS Orwell, IMAO was one of the best!!!!