Sunday, March 18

Life on the web?

"Oh I read it on the internet!" has become a norm of the day. Personally, I can take it only up to a certain point. I cannot quite get it when people tell "oh, I looked up that my red eye symptom on WebMD and was freaking out- may be it is that deadly infection that causes blindness" or "oh, I have stopped eating carrots because it is a root vegetable and is carbohydrate rich!" What ever happened to the good old doctors who pay a lot of money to earn their degree and to the balanced nutrition for a normal, active healthy person. I am not anti-internet and I do not claim "beware of the web-it will get you!". All I am saying is- take what ever you read on the web with a grain of salt. Not all of what you read may be right for you- you need to be able to assimilate all the information from the net and use it wisely. "Athikam kudithaal amruthammum nanju" (its an old tamil adage which essentially means- too much of anything cannot be good at all). I am not sure if it is worthwhile to change your lifestyle based on articles you read on the web. For example when it comes to food, there are these universally agreed bad food but surprisingly those can be cut down with effective choices that you make. But there are these others- always in the midst of controversies and you always wonder "should I eat/ drink it or not?". For those people I have one thing say- sooner or later there are going to be studies- "stop eating lest you shall die soon"- are you guys going to stop eating then?
About being our own docs- its a good thing to know your body in and out. If it does not behave, it might be because of a simple rhinovirus that you might have and not lung cancer!!
Make smart choices lest the web shall get you!!