Tuesday, September 30

I don't understand this

Okay, so everyone wants a bipartisan bailout deal worked out. "They" keep saying we got to do what is best for the country, put the country first yada yada yada (isn't this McCain's punch line?!)
So how come Nancy Pelosi's statement about how Republicans have failed in their economic policies is the biggest reason for the failure of the trillion dollar bailout deal? Both sides should have put country first and worked out something out, right?! It just seems so appalling to me that the politicians can be so hypocritical, on one hand all we hear is "this is the biggest crisis, akin to the great depression" so on and so forth and on one the other, both parties have been using this crisis as the biggest marketing strategy, pointing finger at one another...quite annoying actually and I am not even the one voting!!!

PS Aim for bipartisanship, try not to be an elitist...

Saturday, September 6

say, can I do this again later sometime

Boy, that is one question I won't ask myself, may be I will consider it if someone offers to write my thesis for me! Its so hectic, I can hardly think about anything else. I guess part of the problem could be that most of next month will be spent doing experiments for my last chapter and writing my thesis. And of course it does not help when your boss says "you are going to stress yourself and you are going to stress me out; you brought it on yourself" yada yada yada......so its like a Law and order CI episode- Will Goren and Eames catch the killer? Will I finish on time so that I can defend on the date I have set for in October? I tell you similar emotions- people who catch killers should be made to write a thesis (not necessarily theirs, that would be more fun I suppose)

So the latest development, I postponed my defense by a month (so hopefully November folks) and now I am hoping that I will be actually done by then. Not that much has changed because of that, you know work expands to fill time, so am back to nervously muttering "oh god let my experiments work and please please let me finish at least in November!"

Frankly work is the only thing right now in my life and not that I mind it but sure don't mind easing up a bit!