Tuesday, May 27

A journey

Trains have been a part of my childhood and most of my teen years. Over those years I have developed a strange bond with Indian Railways. Other countries might have better trains but none can offer "the journey" that our trains provide. There is something about traveling by trains. I remember the time in BITS just before holidays- I used to be so eager and excited to being my journey back home, I initially thought it was due to homesickness but I got the same feeling of excitement when I left home (well, I was sad to leave my family and go far north to study...!!). Those oh-about-2days of train journey were a bliss. Sit by the window muttering a song to yourself, once in a while humor your fellow passengers with a story or a joke (inquiries about where they are coming from-great starters!)- somehow when I am on a train, sorrow/sad is not an emotion- usually its laughter, solitude and happiness!! I pretty much get down wherever the train stops- very important, get a taste of the local food. Oh..those matka chais in Kharagpur, jamuns (the fruit, if you have never had these you have missed something great), vadas in vijayawada, not-one-of-my-favorite-srikhand, guavas (when they are in season)....Not just food but somehow getting down at a stop, I felt like I belonged there and that to me was way cool!
I used to stand the door taking in all the air and smell of the earth as much as possible- as if I were going to die tomorrow or something. Interestingly, there were ticket checking guys-some of them just warned me, there were others that yelled but there were few others that always had a gruesome story to tell about young boys and girls getting killed by standing alongside those giant iron doors. When I am on a train there is always sense of urgency- finish a good number of books, taste all the food you can, oh sleep, I forgot that, sleep as much as you can!!! T might be dirty, my co-passengers might be annoying, hey but all that.. cannot keep me from enjoying my train journey. Live a little, let go of your comfort for a just a few hours and you will be the happiest passenger in the world!!

PS my dream- to travel the Indian subcontient by trains, stop at every little station and explore the villages nearby- and take a shot at writing about it!

Monday, May 12


Here is another one borne out of my thought-experiments!

She sat on the couch- TV was on, music was playing on her laptop, phone was ringing. She sat still on the couch, unmindful of all the noises that surrounded her. (gosh! how I wish I could do that...get away from all the noises) She was scared- scared of what, that she could not tell. Fear of the unknown possibly, her mind wandered, it was as if taking a stroll in Central Park. Why do people fear the unknown? Why do we as humans have to know everything? This was her chance, chance to be happy and not worry about the unknown. After all she had everything that she could ever want, well may be not ever want but it was more than enough for the time being. Then why could she not get the unknown out of her mind? She knew giving up things she loved doing most or the people she loved was not helping either. It was debilitating. What is her way out, when her thoughts are chockablock with the unknown?
Well, her mind seemed to have fagged off after the stroll. She jolted and was greatly stricken by the noise around her. She decided to take a stroll herself and find the comfort she needed under the starry skies.