Tuesday, June 26

Am I an addict?

So its either a channel where chefs churn out yummy stuff in their fancy kitchens or a channel with formally clad men and women using hi-tech gadgets to solve crimes (past, present and infact future crimes can be solved-believe me!!!. Give me one of these- me and the couch will become one. I have begun to wonder-may be I am an addict- it is not however reached a point where (yet!) I get mentally agitated if I don't get my daily doses of one or both of the above mentioned "idiot box series". I do howevere once in a while imagine myself being in a forensic lab and solving some cool cases. I must say these shows somehow bring in a sense of grandeur-reality seems to be lost in it. I have resisted the monster for a long time until I came here- I guess weekdays especially after work, past time TV watching has turned into this rote.
Well as long as it does not become an addiction of sorts.....

Anyway folks...may more crimes be solved!!!!

PS boy there is a website for every darndest thing...I will not say kill the TV but the least we can do is make room for more activities.

Friday, June 22

I am still in grad school

Life was going on..until one day we decided to publish some of my/ our work. Then it began- the blots had to look prettier, images had to look sexier (guys guys.....unfortunately these are sexy images of cells and worms!!) and numbers needed to be tighter (who knows when you might come across one of those statisticians who might say "of course there is a 90% increase in the experimental sample compared to the control, but is the difference significant" and you, on the other hand give them the what- are- you -talking -about look). So this is what I have been doing- not all of it (I am just one of the authors!!) and I must admit it is harder than I thought. Especially when you have to make your figures, constantly imagining as to how they might look when they are compressed by these journals to say 40-50% of their original sizes!!! Thats quite a feat is'nt it? If you were ever wondering where I was or secretly hoping "Dear God-let it be true, let that blog be inactive forever and ever".....I am back (kinda!!).
PhD is hard man.....and to all of those of you who managed to get by without ever having to say "I can quit right now!"- may be you should go through a reality-check...

PS: I am not a great fan of statisticians, they can be quite twisty and hard to follow most of the times. Read this or this