Saturday, August 12

Liberating dulcet melodies

As a part of 1-week Bhagavad Gita Gyana Yagyam at SSVT , there was a performance by Unnikrishnan. The first one and half hours of the concert was not to my taste - (I like to hear words) it was infested with alapanas and swaras. For most of that first half I enjoyed the wonderful violin (Vittal Ramamurthy) and mridangam (Poovalur Srinivasan)renditions. It definitely got better and better. It was all magical towards the end. All of it came together- the songs, Unnikrishnan's voice and the accompaniments.
But there is something that has been bothering me for a while now. It seems to never matter if it is a good or a bad concert, for an ardent listener can get distracted- worldly conversations (I assure you I have'nt eavesdropped), saying gentle hellos to aquaintances, uncontrollable little brats (some with noisy anklets! I must agree though- they try to be as quiet as possible but you sure cannot miss the bold expressions and that is what is the cause for distraction! But what bothers me most is this, these aret the same people whose attitude take a 180 degree turn when they go to an opera or a symphony. Even the children are taught to put up their best behaviour. Where does this sense of sobriety vanish when they come for a carnatic concert? Why this "taken for granted" attitude? Do other people also take notice of such an attitude or is it just me?


vashok said...

Hey...How is it going ? Good to see you here :))

Kavitha said...

Vanakkam...vaanga!! Long overdue :)