Wednesday, September 5

Bihar se laloo!!!

Agreed- he is the man, he is the man who made profit out of the biggest government endeavours- the Indian railways (mind you not a lot of these goverment, I mean anywhere in the world, run organizations make profit..) I am mindful and appreciative of that facr but I still cannot tolerate it when he shows up on a TV show (yeah I watch SaReGaMaPa challenge on Zee).What I cannot tolerate much more than Laloo is the fact that we Indians can never give up being subservient. He is minister and a bad one at that...then why bother with things such as"Sir, I am fan of yours...aap yeh kaise karte ho, woh tho kamal kiya apne...apki blessings chahiye sir bas wohi kafi hai!!!!!!" Not just the contestants of the show, the judges and the spectators also had something or the other to admire about him. What can you admire in such a man- a very average person (I am being generous now!) who just happened to be a man of power. And most of all he was an hour late to the show during which we had to endure some pretty bad music.

PS Anyway this actually brings to what my next post will probably be- what is respect, when and who should it be given to? (Interestingly this was the topic of a lecture given today by Dayand Saraswati!)

Monday, September 3

Extremely loud and incredibly close- a book I am trying to read

So among all books I have read, I would say this book "Extremely loud and incredibly close" is the weirdest। A strange way of depicting the emotions and sentiments of a young boy who lost his father in the 9/11 attack. Oskar Schell is on an inspiring mission to all the five burroughs of Newyork (at least that is what the it says on the cover!) I cannot imagine how much time it took for this author to write a book such as this- what sort of thoughts and emotions did he have to go through before writing every page of this book.
Anyway I could not read it beyond about 100 pages (reading a book was never such a torment), so returned it to the library actually even before the due date (come on y'all that hardly happens!
The reason for me being persistent with "Extremely loud" was this other book- I went through an I-cannot-read-this was A.S.Byatt's "The Game". For about a year I would start the book , read it until a particular page (it was always around the same page quite surprisingly) and drop it...after about 3-4 trials...not only did I manage to finish it but infact I loved the book. Well, that did not happen with "Extremely loud".
So, if you have already read through this weird book...then I guess I would have to put you in the category of strange people with stranger tastes!
Happy reading!