Saturday, August 9

So about Denali

Denali Natl Park- really beautiful, mountains do have character don't they?!
Drive was just filled with amazing views. We stayed at Savage river campground- mosquito free zone. Can you believe we actually socialized with a bunch of people who were also camping- 2 of them go to school in Fairbanks I think and there were 2 more of their friends from California- the point of telling this, we were so loud apparently that we got can someone go to sleep when it was nice and bright outside? So the first day was mostly spent on a bus from the visitor center to Wonder lake (private vehicles can go only up to a certain point in the park) but we got to see so much of the wildlife- grizzlies, a fox, caribou, moose and its calf (oh the calf was really cute), sheep, sheep, more of sheep!! I must tell you the ground (tree?) squirrels are ugly. We hiked a little bit at the end of the bus drive (had to stretch a bit)- took the McKinley bar river trail, our first and only encounter with huge mosquitoes! And by the way, have you ever seen a person walking, well more like a stroll, fall face down in a slush- too bad you should have seen me- all covered in mud..
It does not matter- we got to see the double peaks!!! It happens only 3 or 4 times in a month and we were there, magnificent double peaks.
The next day was more on a less trodden trail- it was fun, just drove up to Talkeetna and started walking in one direction. It was fun to cross those little creeks, the water felt really good. After that little bit of well hiking around, we decided that was that and got back to the car where the ranger told us interesting stories about fightin' off bears and how he saw a bear chasing a moose, he was pretty vocal, I am not exactly sure if I felt like believing everything he said but it sure sounded adventurous. It was kind of disheartening that the trip was getting to its end.
Untainted beauty is what it was and I sure want it to stay that way. I would love to see how the place looks like in winter (only I am not sure if I can brave it!) But it would be fun to go back again and again and again folks!!!