Thursday, October 18

Not-so-recent reads

Before an emergency flight to India (a while ago in May), the wise guy bought two books (e-versions for the iPad). I had not finished two books in a week in a long time (not after those crazy Jeffrey Archer days as an undergrad). The books are very similar sounding and I did feel like Brad Thor's was much more fast-paced than the one by Ben Coes.

Power Down by Ben Coes; a terrorist plot to cripple the United States by blowing off its energy supplies and Dewey Andreas is a serious threat to this plot

Brad Thor's Lions of Lucerne; Scott Harvath a secret sevice agent who is out to find the kidnapped President (of United States) and avenge the death of his co-workers

Henry James's 1880 Washington Square

A simple story about the relationship between a brilliant father and his plain daughter; a dominating brother and his sisters and a love affair gone wrong.

A must read classic!