Thursday, September 14

Vasudeva Kutumbakam

Well the topic of how we Indians address people, adding some sort of a term denoting a kinship as a way of being respectful or courteous, came up in the lab today. But somehow it has been misconstrued to be an act of disgust.." ooh respect is within the heart, it has nothing to do with the name you address someone with"... "that is so old- fashioned"!, almost to the point of ad nauseam. Here is my take on it- agreed respect has nothing to do with names, but I think it is all a beautiful concept of people of the world being a part of ONE family- VASUDEVA KUTUMBAKAM (which is actually a name given for a sanskrit shloka) So calling someone as your uncle or aunt, even if they are not related, is really a good thing (oh well, why not some respect also along with it). If we can use uncles and aunts for our blood relatives why not for people who are not related (that way we can be at peace, no wars because wee are one big family really!)

In fact, languages like Tamizh have more names than you can imagine to describe every relationship that you can possibly have unlike English which has the same boring aunts and uncles without any variations (its probably one of the few languages that has such a power to describe what you share with people)

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vuttu kaatra akka!