Tuesday, September 22

A trip to Jamkhed

Why you ask, why did I take this 4 hour long journey (the family was there too!) through rural Maharashtra?To visit this place/program called CRHP  (Comprehensive Rural Health Project) run by the Arole siblings (Shobha and Ravi), an organization founded by their parents.

The new science center with young committed teachers from the area

The Biology lab at the science center

The amazing nursery- the kids are fed, taught and nurtured here.

 There new aquaponic farm, a pilot garden

They could have had anything they want (the siblings grew up in the US and in India and had great education)- but they chose this drought-stricken corner of Maharashtra and followed the path their parents had laid for them.

There are immense challenges here, including high rates of farmer suicides, poor education and poor health. The people I met at CRHP were hopeful and viewed some of those challenges as opportunities for improvement.

I spent half a day with Shobha Arole (there was even delicious lunch for us!)- she showed us around.

You can learn more about them here

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