Thursday, July 26

Have you read it?

Warning may contain spoilers!!!!

Well its Harry Potter time once again... I got the book on Saturday and finally managed to finish it yesterday (even though all of Sunday I could not lay hands on the book, busy cooking). The book was dragging in parts but there were times when I thought JK Rowling had really used her imagination. I did not like the big war like event outside Hogwarts but I did love the fact that Snape was indeed a "good man". So all is well that ends well, I guess (dont want to give too much away). What was the epilogue about- seemed like she generally had to add it to sort of give it an ending or something....can you imagine Harry's childern (hopefully there won't be books about them!)- was quite funny actually. If you read just the epilogue you would wonder as to why on earth did this book get so much popularity-certainly not the writing. The epilogue was very mediocre. On the whole it was alright. I must say the best reads were Goblet of Fire and Half Blood Prince. I am slightly sad that this is it for the Potter boy. SO go ahead give him a big farewell!!!

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Adarsh Sridhar said...

You are terribly, terribly slow ! I'd finished the book twice by the Sunday after the book was released - after reading through the night on Saturday !!

As to the epilogue, yeah, most people thought it shady (incomplete at best) - but then Kavitha sent me this link: - check it out !!