Wednesday, December 31

Another year

Well the truth is now the New Year means nothing to me- one more year have passed by, nothing around me has changed much (although a lot of things have happened in general around the world- mostly the kind that bring sadness). I am still the same crazy person, well a year older and waiting to go bald any day now!!! The beginning of a new year only reminds me of the fact that I have not accomplished anything in the past year- same old same old mediocre life! The only thing that I always have trouble with is writing the dates correctly especially in my lab notebooks, apparently I like to be stuck in the past!
As a little girl, I used to want to celebrate the arrival of a New Year with all my friends and family - you have fun and all that, you know; but that never happened. In fact for most of my life- it was just the four of us and grandma sometimes; then it came down to the three of us and grandma. These years have dragged along with them, the very little fun-side I once used to possess (I believe I had a fun-side!!). Now, I don't understand why one should celebrate- apart from traditions, I realize that people celebrate the hope that the next year will be better than the one that passed. It could also be because people want to forget all their woes last few days of the year and be happy. I do respect all these sentiments and traditions but I just don't understand what the big deal is!
So those of you who already are in the next year and those of you who soon will be- whats the point, its just another day, innit?!
That was not pathetic was it- well this however does not mean that I would not WISH YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR, I do wish all of you the very best in life (but I do that almost everyday)
LOKA SAMASTHA SUKHINO BHAVANTU (Sorry blogger does not yet have the Hindi translation thingee for Mac!)


Kavitha said...

It is special if _you_ think it is; it is not if _you_ think it is not. As days go by, more & more, I seem to believe that it's all subjective and reality exists merely in my head.

Kavitha said...

May you have the strength to mould this coming year into just what you want it to be. :-)