Monday, July 7

Alaska- the last frontier

So we are back from Alaska. That was a long time ago and this post is way past due!
I flew into Anchorage on the 26th of June, well it took a while since I had flown all the way down to Dallas and then up to Anchorage. On the way to Anchorage, we saw Mt.Rainier- oh what a pretty sight, magnificent! Reached there at around 7:30PM. Sun never sets in the Alaskan empire during summer- interesting trivia, the moon was around only for about a maximum of 1h. Anyway-
June 27th- (not many great snaps from this trip because it was raining, and the camera was fogging up pretty bad!)
~2h ride to Seward for the cruise to see some cool glaciers. But the weather had to play spoilt-sport. I guess I should not complain since the cruise did not run the day before due to really high ocean. And also because I got to see an Orca pass by at about 10feet!!! Oh most amazing, it was this close- I could have jumped on it and rode!! We could not go down to the glaciers, there were people on the boat who did not have the stomach for it, no literally they were quite sick.. and the waves were pretty high. Oh ours was a small boat- she was called misty, went upto 25knots (or layman-22miles/hr) pretty fast I would say. We saw a lot of wildlife- humpback whales were quite sight, lone bald-eagles high up on a tree, penguin-like puffins adorning the island (the name of which I have forgotten) and the same island there were a harbor seals, man these are some lazy creatures! The glacier that we did see was one of the Aialik- Holgate glacier, quite massive, very blue! There were some interesting world war II stuff too. It was really cold though, I mean after the first 5-6 h of the journey, I was pretty much inside the cabin the whole time.
The next day was at Anchorage- went to the state's largest flea market. It was beautiful weather and seemed like everyone was outside. That evening we left for Denali national park.

But I will blog about it in my next post folks! Be patient and trust me Alaska is worth spending money on!


Adarsh Sridhar said...

You could've seen Mt. Rainier much closer if only you'd made a brief halt... you flew right over Seattle, but didn't stop ?!?!

RARA AVIS said...

could have just gotten dropped off atop the mountain was that close! and then ofcourse you would have picked me up!