Sunday, January 7

Do you still believe that global warming is a myth?

I am surprised that there are still people out there who say "global warming is a non-existent, inconsequential thing". The past 4 or 5 years that I have been here in the US, I have seen a steady increase in the temperatures during winter (the first year being the coldest). It was at 72C here in greenbelt on Saturday people!!!! This is January- where did all the 30s odd temperatures, with wind chills that could keep you at home forever, vanish? Oh what will happen to those wonderful bulbous plants that need at least a short period of freezing temperatures?! It is going to be really interesting to see whats in store for us as we get older.

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Ashok said...

Get Older....Now why would we get older....Didnt you read...Theres already a cure for aging....Wake up woman