Monday, December 11

World news people

I knew when they say "world news" (FOX, ABC...any channel) its not really world news. The media here (at least the local media here) seems to have a skewed vision of the world limited only to the United States and may be Iraq! But today my patience was pushed to its limits. The only world in the abc world news was "John somebody has been training some of the most expensive horses from around the WORLD" and that was it. I am not exaggerating folks. Can you imagine they have all these adverts claiming that their respective world news reports are the best. Seriously if the world news can stretch only up to kentucky derby horse races, I am sorry there is something seriously wrong!! Don't y'all agree?!!!


Ashok said...

So what were the derby results....Who won? Was it Eternal Stalker or White Elf ?

Adarsh Sridhar said...

If you think that's bad, try this:

"On the 11 o'clock news today, Why a local man thinks that his dog is in love with President Bush's dog, and why he thinks he should be flown to DC so the dogs can meet."