Sunday, February 18

What do we Indians care about?

Now I must warn you- I might be completely wrong for I simply have not spoken to a million people before this post, therefore these are primarily what I think about "What exactly do we Indians care about?!"
In a broad sense, we do not care much about anything as long as we are not disturbed from our cozy cocoons. Even then there will only be a stir and then we all go back down there. As the middle class communities we are a huge part of the gazillion people nation. We could have and should have made a difference but doesn't seem to be the case does it. Politics, health, education, civic amenities, environment, child labour (that's right I need a "u" there!), casteism, corruption...I could go on and on about the issues that we need to care about, yet something is amiss. All we do ever do is complain and big time (of course there are people trying to make a difference, only it is not enough). When I landed here in the US the first thing that struck me was the fact that people here care deeply about issues pertinent to them. They exactly know where things stand say for e.g. when it comes to there local school boards. They are very much AWARE of it.
In a land of billion people, I guess not many have the time, space and right resources to make any difference or to even care- but that does not mean we can become indifferent! That's right, that's what we have become-INDIFFERENT. Amazingly enough the people at home seem to be content going abot their routine (whether they are happy and enjoy their lives is a different issue, for it is a hard sight to catch a smiling face at least in Madras and at least during peak traffic times- everyone has a frown!!)


Metlin said...


It's the Chalta Hai mentality, and that is the reason that in the years to come, China will be a power to reckon with, as will US and Europe but India will just be an also ran.

Just like we have been the past couple of thousand years.

Chalta hai, bhai.

Kavitha said...

I believe in the power of one. If each one of us was to take a stand against that mentality, I am sure things will turn around...Right?

RARA AVIS said...

Yeah Kavi...I am sure things will turn araound if each one of us take a stand against it..but its so deep in our roots, it will take time that is all!