Friday, April 22

Earth day- do you care?

File:Earth Day - Earth from Space.jpg

Why should we celebrate earth day?

Because this earth that we live, this environment that we live in and the land we till to produce our food is inherently intertwined with our bodies and minds.

We can’t simply take, take, take, and take from the earth- there will be and there already are consequences. I would even argue that we have been the most destructive of all species on this planet. Our actions have put the lives of every single living being on this planet in jeopardy.

We have to stop making excuses and start acting toward a healthier earth and eventually a healthier US. Don’t wait for governments to change or enact policies or sign climate deals- do your part, whatever you can! It is time to act-

Gandhi said “The good man is the friend of all living things.” We have a responsibility, every single one of us.

But it can't be just this one day- celebrate earth day every day!

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